12 July, 2023 - 4 mins read
Innovative Travel Products to Watch in the Post-Pandemic Era
Rodrigo Perez

The travel industry has seen a record-breaking surge since the pandemic, attracting entrepreneurs and funding into the space. Coupled with the rise of artificial intelligence, this trend has fostered a thriving ecosystem of innovative travel products. From all-in-one travel apps to AI-driven itinerary creation, here are some of the most exciting travel products on the market:

Stippl: The All-in-One Travel App

Stippl is on a mission to create an all-in-one travel app that makes planning trips a breeze. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and Notion pages, as Stippl offers a comprehensive platform for exploring destinations, crafting itineraries, and even booking hotels and activities. Users can seamlessly plan their trips from start to finish, all within one intuitive app.

Crafting a Trip to Europe with Stippl

One traveler's experience with Stippl while planning a trip to Europe in 2024 highlights the app's convenience and ease of use. With Stippl, users can explore destinations, customize their itineraries, and make bookings all in one place.

Copilot2trip: AI-Driven Itinerary Creation

Copilot2trip takes a different approach to travel planning by leveraging artificial intelligence. Users can input their preferences and desires for their trip, and the AI will generate a tailor-made itinerary. What sets Copilot2trip apart is its map feature, which provides a visual representation of the itinerary. This feature, when combined with a trip planner, has the potential to be a game-changer in travel planning.

Fora Travel: Bespoke Traveling at a Fraction of the Price

Fora Travel has been making waves in the travel industry with its innovative business model. Fora offers the best of bespoke traveling without the hefty price tag. Users can co-create their trips with Fora advisors, benefiting from personalized insights and recommendations.

A Personalized Trip to New York with Fora

One traveler's experience planning a trip to New York with Fora highlights the value of human interaction in travel planning. Speaking with a Fora advisor, the traveler was able to discuss their preferences and desires for the trip, resulting in a tailored itinerary that met their needs. In a world where automated processes are becoming the norm, the human touch provided by Fora is a refreshing and valuable feature.


The travel industry has seen a resurgence in the post-pandemic era, and the influx of entrepreneurs and funding has resulted in a thriving ecosystem of innovative travel products. With the rise of AI and the availability of unique features, travelers now have access to a wide range of tools that make planning and booking trips easier than ever. Whether it's an all-in-one app like Stippl, AI-driven itineraries from Copilot2trip, or personalized planning with Fora Travel, there's something for every traveler in this exciting landscape of travel products.