03 July, 2023 - 4 mins read
Taking It Personally. How a Culture of Ownership and Accountability Can Transform Your Company
Pablo Revale

There's a famous quote by basketball legend Michael Jordan: "Taking it personally." It's a phrase that we've taken to heart at our company and one that underpins our entire culture. But what does it mean to take work personally, and how can it shape a company's success?

The Power of Personal Connection

Work isn't just about earning a paycheck or filling up our days. It's a way to make a tangible impact on the world, starting with the people we love the most. By taking work personally, we can create a ripple effect, touching the lives of countless others.

To me, taking it personally encompasses several key aspects:

1. Embracing Ownership

Taking ownership means being fully accountable for our actions and the results they bring. It's about stepping up, accepting responsibility for the tasks we're entrusted with, and seeing them through to completion.

2. Giving and Receiving Feedback

When we take work personally, we become invested in the success of our teammates and the organization as a whole. That means offering feedback when someone is not performing at their best, as well as being open to receiving feedback when we fall short. It's about creating a culture of open communication and mutual support.

3. Asking for Help

Taking it personally doesn't mean going it alone. It means recognizing when we or someone else is feeling lost or demotivated, and asking for help. It's about building a community of colleagues who support each other in times of need.

Making Work Enjoyable

We spend a third of our lives working, so every second we spend at our company should be valuable. That's why making work enjoyable is an integral part of taking it personally. In our company, we prioritize creating a positive atmosphere where employees can have fun, be themselves, and feel excited about their work. A good sense of humor is one of the attributes we value most in our candidates because it contributes to a lively and enjoyable work environment.


Taking work personally is about more than just fulfilling job requirements. It's about connecting with our work on a deeper level, being accountable for our actions, and fostering a culture of mutual support and enjoyment. By making work personal, we can create a meaningful impact on our loved ones, colleagues, and the broader world.

So, let's take it personally and transform our companies, our lives, and the lives of those around us.