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A Legacy of Love that will last foreverPlatform that functions as a Digital Legacy: a content archive with audio & video recordings of a 'Storyteller' answering questions and prompts on different topics.

About Almaya

Almaya is a startup founded in 2022, with a clear to change the perception of death and afterlife.


There is no way to connect with the memories of loved ones that passed away.


By working with Almaya's product team, we built a mobile app that enables people to create a digital version of themselves to interact with future generations, thus transforming the way they think about legacy building. Almaya's app helps store memories and fosters intergenerational connections by allowing people to share their life stories with their loved ones.

LegacyCreation of multimedia content that can be accessed by our loved ones.
CategoriesOver 300 questions on various topics as triggers to record content.
Live Recording
Live RecordingAbility to record live audios and videos to save in my legacy.
GamificationDifferent levels that generate interest in recording more content to earn rewards. Temporary challenges to reach different levels and collect medals.
Multi-modeAbility to switch user types while using the application, dynamically modifying the content.
Alma BotInteractive chat to view content in a guided manner.
Alma Bot