Boutique Homes

Teaming up with a Luxury Home Agency to scale its business.

Our team's resourcefulness allowed us to deliver critical features for seasonal promotions.

Teams Involved
Travel Luxury
Meet Boutique Homes, a Luxurious Property rental.Boutique Homes is a company dedicated to offering a unique selection of vacation homes and small hotels around the world. Boutique Homes goes beyond the booking process, sharing the stories behind the homes it offers, from their design and history to their owners and guests. The company is committed to sharing the keys to a beautiful stay and inspiring a community of modern bohemians, creatives, and chic nomads.
The Challenge

Legacy Burden

Without having any major feature development in the last months, Boutique Homes team needed to add new features to a legacy website before a major seasonal promotion was released. The project was complex because it involved numerous vendors and end consumers on the same platform.

The Challenge
The Solution

Expertise and Dedication delivered

Our team analyzed the legacy codebase to identify its limitations and develop a plan to address them, while also tackling the new features without losing sight of the timeline. This project brought out the best in our team, as we worked together to overcome challenges and deliver a successful outcome.

Promotion codes
New user mode for Travel Agencies
Financial dashboard integrated with historic data
Boutique Homes successfully implemented and launched the new features for the peak booking season. This was a remarkable achievement, demonstrating our team's expertise, dedication, and ability to work in this kind of situation.

A Brighter Future for Legacy website

By adding these new features to the Boutique Homes website, the team was able to successfully launch all seasonal promotions on schedule. This was a big relief for them and opened up new opportunities, to continue adding more features in the future and to start thinking about a new rebuild of the project, while still having a solid product working and maintained. We are proud to have contributed to Boutique Homes success by solving all their technology problems and helping them implement these new features, which have had a significant impact on the company's business. We are really excited to continue working with Boutique Homes as their technology partner.