Teams Involved
Tailor made platform for kids content: learning Spanish in a friendly environmentCanta con Jess is a video platform where Jess uploads her videos for teaching Spanish to english speaker kids. Jess was originally a youtuber, but since Youtube changed their kids video policy, Jess decided to start her subscription based platform where she publishes exclusive content and where kids can safely navigate through the videos.

About Canta con Jess

Jess is not just your average children's YouTuber. She is a passionate and talented educator who has made it her mission to help English-speaking children learn Spanish in a fun and interactive way. With her engaging videos and vibrant personality, Jess has captured the hearts of young learners all around the world.


Unfortunately, the landscape for kids' content on YouTube has changed. Recent updates to the platform's payment policies and advertising regulations have significantly impacted the revenue potential for children's content creators like Jess. This shift has posed a challenge for her to continue delivering high-quality educational content to her young audience.


Recognizing the need for a sustainable solution, Jess and her team have embarked on an ambitious endeavor to create a tailor-made video platform specifically designed for children. This innovative platform offers a safe and secure environment where kids can explore, learn, and have fun without the distractions of ads or undesired content.

LandingOur platform provides a visually appealing and intuitive interface, offering children a safe and engaging environment free from ads and inappropriate content, ensuring a worry-free experience for parents.
PrintablesAlongside video content, our platform offers downloadable and printable resources, such as coloring books and educational worksheets, allowing children to engage offline and express their creativity through drawing and coloring.
Videos and PlaylistWith a vast library of curated content and an intuitive search function, children can easily find educational and entertaining videos tailored to their interests, while curated playlists allow for a seamless viewing experience and in-depth exploration of topics.
Videos and Playlist