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Tech against gender-based violenceAn app with a panic button and information designed for victims from vulnerable sectors.

About Cora

Fundación Capital is a nonprofit social enterprise working to improve the financial lives of people living in poverty around the world.


In Paraguay, gender-based violence occurs in all economic strata but intensifies in situations of vulnerability. According to data from the Women's Observatory, for both 2018 and 2019, it was observed that 95% of femicides occurred in economically vulnerable strata, characterized by poverty or extreme poverty.


In 2021, we initiated a collaborative effort to address the needs and different contexts faced by Paraguayan women, involving the Ministry of Women, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Interinstitutional Platform for the Prevention of Violence against Women, the Global Compact, and Fundación Capital. This collaboration resulted in a digital solution called "Cora." This application integrates essential information on gender-based violence, providing guidance to individuals on what to do in a violent situation, where to seek help, how to support a victim, and the option to create a network of safe contacts.

Trusted PeopleThe user can add trusted people to their contact list and notify them in case of an emergency. The trusted people will receive a notification with the request for help.
Trusted People
CamouflageTo prevent putting the user in a dangerous situation, they are allowed to choose the icon with which they want the application to be displayed on their phone.
No account needed
No account neededMany features of the app are available for the user without having to create an account.
Evidence storageTo help guarantee the safety of the user, it is possible to upload files to the cloud. This will allow the user to delete them from their phone and save them in a safe online storage which can be accessed when needed.
Evidence storage
Informative pagesSet of pages and texts that provide information on gender violence, subdivided by topics of interest.
Informative pages
Informative testThe violence level suffered is determined through a questionnaire to provide them with quick actions to fight it.
Informative test