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Cut acquisition costs by 33% with tech and UX upgradesWe improved key metrics by simplifying and streamlining the checkout process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

About Galgo

Galgo is a Chilean fintech that aims to support and empower immigrants in Latin America through financing. With a strong focus on leveraging technology, Galgo has automated processes and enhanced credit accessibility for immigrant entrepreneurs. As the first and only financial institution in Chile dedicated to serving migrants, Galgo is committed to utilizing technology to streamline operations and expand their services. By providing loans and other financial solutions, Galgo seeks to facilitate the integration and success of immigrants in their new country.


The high acquisition costs associated with the traditional financial industry have posed significant challenges for Galgo. These costs limit their ability to reach a wider audience and provide comprehensive financial services to immigrants in Latin America. Inefficiencies in the checkout process and a lack of user-friendly interfaces have hindered Galgo's growth and impact. Overcoming these obstacles is crucial to achieving their mission of supporting and empowering immigrants through accessible financial services.


To address the challenges faced by Galgo, the company has implemented a series of tech and UX upgrades. By prioritizing simplification and streamlining of the checkout process, Galgo has significantly improved key metrics related to user acquisition and conversion rates. Through technological advancements and user-centered design, Galgo has created a more efficient and user-friendly platform. These upgrades have not only reduced acquisition costs but also enhanced the overall user experience, making it easier for immigrants to access credit and financial advice. With these improvements, Galgo has successfully cut acquisition costs by one-third, allowing them to expand their reach and positively impact the lives of even more immigrants in Latin America.

OptimizationCheckout duration was reduced from 10 to 2 minutes with the use of scrappers.
Data driven risk engine
Data driven risk engineCredit scoring information database to be consumed by credit scoring engine.
Scraping "Clave Única"We obtained financial, judicial and personal information from clients.
Scraping "Clave Única"
Automated communication
Automated communicationAutomation through the use of CRM and Zapier.
Communication experienceDesign of the communication process with clients.
Communication experience
CRM IntegrationInformation storage and availability in a CRM.
CRM Integration