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Your therapist just one click awayWeb app that addresses mental health challenges by improving access to therapy, enhancing the lives of therapists, and involving companies in expanding mental health coverage. It connects individuals with verified therapists, automates administrative tasks, and supports the well-being of employees.

About Menta

Menta is a platform born out of the need to address mental health issues. It aims to improve the daily lives of therapists, enhance access to therapy for individuals, and involve companies in expanding coverage.


Menta seeks to address the deficiencies in mental health coverage and the challenges individuals face in accessing therapy. It also aims to facilitate administrative tasks for therapists, allowing them to focus more on providing therapy to their patients.


Menta solves the problem by providing a platform that improves the day-to-day operations of therapists. It enhances access to therapy by connecting individuals with verified therapists through their platform. Additionally, Menta collaborates with companies to expand mental health coverage and support the well-being of their employees. By automating administrative tasks, Menta enables therapists to allocate more time to therapy sessions and help their patients.

Therapists marketplaceList of therapists available in Menta, with the possibility to search for the best match and scheduling sessions directly with them.
Therapists marketplace
Electronic bills
Electronic billsAutomatic delivery of electronic receipts from the 'Servicio de Impuestos Internos'.
Patient listList of patients with the information of their sessions.
Patient list
Calendar viewCalendar with the states of all the sessions and the possibility of managing them.
Calendar view
RemindersSession reminders are sent via email.
Automated payments
Automated paymentsIntegration with Transbank where patients enter their card once and can pay with just one click.