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Restaurant as a service platformWhite labeled App and website for selling food online. Command center and Kitchen delivery system to manage the operation. Everything customized 100% by the client without manual intervention.

About Mercat

Mercat is a cutting-edge SaaS platform developed based on a robust system initially built for Papa John's, one of the leading names in the restaurant industry.


Restaurants face a significant challenge when selling their products through aggregators such as Doordash, UberEats, PedidosYa, Rappi, and JustEat. These platforms often charge exorbitant commissions, amounting to approximately 30% of the restaurant's sales, which significantly eats into their profitability.


Mercat offers a white-labeled SaaS platform designed exclusively for restaurants, with a primary focus on catering to large food chains. By leveraging this platform, restaurants can establish their own online presence and sell their products directly to customers without the burdensome fees imposed by aggregators.

CatalogCustomizable catalog system for showcasing restaurant products.
Order trackingReal-time order tracking functionality for enhanced customer experience.
Order tracking
CheckoutSecure and intuitive checkout process for seamless transactions.