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Delivering landing for Luxury Travel and Bank partnership in record timePRIOR embarked on a remarkable project, revamping its homepage and developing a seamless integration with a prominent US bank. Overcoming the challenges posed by stringent banking requirements, we accomplished this feat within an impressive timeframe.


PRIOR is a luxury travel company that offers custom-tailored itineraries around the world. The company was founded in 2014 by a group of travel experts who wanted to create a more personalized and immersive travel experience for their clients. PRIOR's team of travel editors and designers work with each client to create an itinerary that meets their specific interests, budget, and travel style. PRIOR also offers a variety of group trips and experiences, led by renowned chefs, designers, and artists. These trips offer an opportunity to travel with like-minded people and experience new cultures and destinations in a truly unique way.


PRIOR faced an urgent situation with their newly forged partnership with a prominent US bank. The alliance was expected to drive a significant surge in website traffic due to a large-scale campaign. PRIOR urgently required a technical team to handle the anticipated high traffic while also revamping its homepage to align with evolving business needs.


With time constraints in mind, Zerf swiftly assembled a dedicated team. Through their efficient efforts, PRIOR successfully tackled the challenges and launched successfully the new homepage and the US Bank landing page.

Bank PartnershipFlawlessly designed US Bank landing to meet the bank's standards in record time. Engaging, trusted, and aligned with the partnership.
Bank Partnership
Homepage RedesignPRIOR underwent a redesign of their landing page, driven by their evolving business requirements. The result was a revamped landing page that strategically positioned PRIOR as a one of leading luxury travel company.
Homepage Redesign