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Legaltech case management softwareUbuntuLaw is a legal case management platform aiming to consolidate all case files from various Argentine judicial system portals for a lawyer or law firm into one place. Its goal is to enable quicker analysis and work on cases, offering advanced features not available on the original portals.

About UbuntuLaw

UbuntuLaw surges out of the need of argentine lawyers to modernize their processes, which are plagued by outdated tools and systems.


Argentine lawyers are used to dealing with tedious and repetitive tasks on a daily basis, which take away valuable time needed to analyze their cases.


UbuntuLaw aims to enhance how law firm lawyers work by eliminating these boring tasks and making others more efficient, modernizing the workflow of the legal process.

Connection with the portal of the judiciary (PJN)It allows users to bring all their files directly from the portal, in an easy and fast way.
Connection with the portal of the judiciary (PJN)
Case file tracking
Case file trackingThe files are updated periodically, always showing the latest proceedings.
Search for public causes
Search for public causesIn addition to the files where the lawyer participates, he can search for public files he is not a part of.
CalendarThe user can schedule events from their files to stay organized.
Automatic note leavingUsers can efficiently generate notes in each file.
Automatic note leaving
Email notificationsThe user receives alerts for new actions, electronic ID updates, and upcoming event reminders.
Email notifications
Evidence listAfter the evidence has been uploaded, the user can review the uploaded data, edit it, and add comments.
Evidence list