ClientUN Women
Teams Involved
Registry of complaints of gender violenceWeb platform for registration and monitoring of cases of gender violence received at a public emergency number.

About UN Women

UN Women, officially known as the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, is a United Nations organization dedicated to promoting gender equality and women's empowerment worldwide. It works to advance women's rights, eliminate discrimination against women, and enhance women's participation in social, political, and economic spheres. UN Women supports various initiatives, programs, and campaigns aimed at achieving gender equality and empowering women globally.


The lack of digitization in the case recording system for gender-based violence in the province of Salta, Argentina. Many cases of gender-based violence were being lost or entangled in paperwork due to the absence of digitalization.


A digital system that can efficiently record and manage cases of gender-based violence. By digitizing the process, it became easier to track and monitor cases, ensuring that they are properly documented and addressed. This digitalization effort improved the effectiveness and responsiveness of the system, ultimately leading to better support and protection for survivors of gender-based violence.

Line 144
Line 144Attention and creation of new cases of gender violence when calling 144.
Case registration formSensitive data of people when they call line 144.
Case registration form
Users and rolesInternal management of users and their different roles.
Users and roles
Section settingsCase registration forms are dynamically configured.
Section settings
Phases of violence
Phases of violenceScores are assigned to the responses of the callers, to detect the level of violence suffered during the call.
Case trackingIt allows specialists to follow up on people after they call the 144 line.
Case tracking
Traceability module
Traceability moduleAllows administrators to track all user actionable sensitive case information.
ReportsIt allows administrators to obtain metrics and indicators on the responses of the different cases loaded when calling line 144.