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Boosting Revenue in the Food Industry

How our strategic approach drove revenue growth through upselling initiatives in the online ordering process.

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Meet Papa John's, a Renowned Pizza GiantPapa John's is a renowned international pizza delivery and takeout restaurant chain with a strong presence across multiple countries. Established in 1984, Papa John's has expanded to become one of the largest and most recognized pizza brands globally. The company prides itself on using high-quality ingredients, fresh dough, and a distinctive pizza sauce to deliver exceptional taste and customer satisfaction.
The Challenge

Pricing Puzzle

Despite operating in numerous countries and enjoying a strong customer base, Papa John's faced the challenge of increasing revenue without raising the prices of its pizzas or disrupting its streamlined kitchen operations. Recognizing the importance of addressing this challenge, Papa John's entrusted us with the opportunity to devise a solution and tackle this problem head-on.

The Challenge
The Solution

A Strategic Upselling solution

Our team identified the opportunity to incorporate strategic upselling techniques into Papa John's website and mobile app, aiming to enhance the customer experience while driving increased revenue. Collaborating closely with Papa John's, we developed a customized solution seamlessly integrated into their online platforms.

We show the most convenient upsell according to the user.
Seamlessly integrated with existing flow.
Direct impact on the average ticket increase.
Configure parameters of each store from the back office.
By leveraging customer data, order history, and browsing behavior, our algorithm generated real-time upsell suggestions for customers during ordering. These targeted recommendations included options to upgrade pizza sizes, add premium toppings, or include additional side dishes and beverages. The upsell suggestions were strategically placed throughout the ordering flow, ensuring they were relevant, enticing, and seamlessly integrated with the overall user experience.

The power of upselling

By empowering customers with personalized upsell options, Papa John's enhanced the overall ordering experience and provided additional value without compromising the affordability of their pizzas. Customers embraced the opportunity to customize their orders and explore premium options, resulting in higher transaction values and increased revenue for the company. We are proud to have contributed to Papa John's success by optimizing their operations and fueling revenue growth through data-driven upselling. We are excited to partner with businesses aiming to enhance customer satisfaction and achieve sustainable growth through these kinds of initiatives.

Average Ticket 6% increaseIn all purchases