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Blockchain solution for distilleriesProduction process traceability and transparency with the customer.

About Adelphi

Adelphi is a distinguished whisky retailer specializing in carefully selected whiskies from Scotland. Ardnamurchan, the highly sustainable distillery, is at the heart of the operation, renowned for its commitment to environmental responsibility.


The need to track and monitor our production information effectively to provide transparent insights to esteemed customers and regulatory authorities regarding the whisky production process.


To address this challenge, we have developed a robust information management system that meticulously maps the entire production process. This allows us to generate comprehensive reports for each production cycle and securely store the information on the blockchain. As a result, we can ensure transparency, accountability, and accurate metrics for our customers and authorities.

Upload formThe process information is uploaded through a form and stored in the blockchain so that the information is not tempered with.
Upload form
No account needed
Upload to blockchainThe obtained data is stored in the blockchain to make it immutable and secure. User authentication is executed through integration with Metamask.
Product creationOn a website, operators can create and upload the details for each of the batches in an intuitive and effective way.
Product creation
No account needed
No account neededDetails about the products are made available by accessing their QRs.
Product landingIt contains the most important information about the product, its production process and the conditions in which it was produced.
Product landing