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Analyse your feelings based on a moment recording systemBy recording your emotions using the app, we can highlight connections between emotions and other factors that otherwise go unnoticed. YU can help to make you more self-aware, and this knowledge is key – it can unlock the power to make positive changes that can lead to a more conscious and fulfilled life.

About YU Understood

YU Understood is an innovative startup that is dedicated to providing individuals and organizations with valuable insights into their daily lives through moment recording.


In today's fast-paced world, people often fail to take the time to analyze their problems or truly understand what brings them joy in life. The hustle and bustle of daily routines can lead to a lack of self-reflection and disconnection from one's own emotions and experiences.


YU offers a simple yet powerful solution. By utilizing our platform, you can effortlessly record your daily activities and thoughts in just a few easy steps. By writing about how you feel and detailing what you did throughout the day, you can capture meaningful moments in approximately one minute. However, we encourage you to take your time and savor the process, as investing in your mental health and overall well-being is a worthwhile endeavor.

Capture a momentCapture your emotions in a moment to track your mood, the related life aspect, locations and companions.
Capture a moment
JourneyExplore previous moments, read your old journals, and remember how you felt on specific occasions.
AnalyticsKeep track of your average scores and make connections between people, places and activities and how they influence your overall mood. You can monitor how balanced your life is by how your moments are spread across different areas of your life.